Leadership and Board of Directors

Charles Wang picture

Charles P. Wang – Founder

Mr. Wang is President of Chinese American Cultural & Art Association. A New York based non-profit NGO specialized in promoting, bridging two way culture exchange between U.S. and China. Prior to this venture, he served as the Director of Child Care Center Development Fund at United Neighborhood Houses, was the Executive Director of Chinese American Planning Council, and served as President of China Institute in America. He was also the Co-Chairman of the Human Service Council of New York, Vice Chairman of the New York City Health System Agency, just to name a few.


John Lam – Chairman of the Board

Mr. Lam is Chair and CEO of the Lam Group, a prominent hotel development and property management company in New York. He is a well-respected member of the Chinese American business community. He is also the ChairmanĀ of America China Hotel Association Corp, the Honorary President of the Greater Blouse Skirt & Undergarment Association, and is a member of the Board of Directors of East Bank.

David Chen picture

David Chen – President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chen, retired President and CEO of the Chinese American Planning Council, Founding Chairman of the Chung Pak Local Development Corporation, and currently Treasurer of the Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corp. During his 4 decades of community services, Mr. Chen has served as advisor and board members of numerous public and not-for-profit organizations.

Board of Directors

Charles G. Chan
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Harvest Internation

Thomas Chen
President, Crystal Window & Door Systems Ltd

Peter Lau
President, Greenstone Holdings Group LLC

Yungman Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Bank

Brother Peter Li
Principal, Ming Yuan Chinese School

Kwangju Lum
President & Chief Executive Officer, Gianguan Auctions

Hummer Mars
Executive Director, New York international Capital

Ellen Qionzhao Schicktanz
Curator, American Goddess Art Museum

Fred Teng
President, America China Public Affairs Institute

Sunny Wang
General Manager, Broad U.S.A.

Diana Wu
President, New York Northeastern Chinese Association (NYNCA)

Jennifer Yu
President, Ecogrowth Holding LLC

Kevin Yu
President, Chinese University Alumni Alliance in North America