Message from the Founder

Due to increased globalization of our world, cross border student mobilization around the world has
expanded dramatically during the last decade. In particular, has been the increased of Chinese students
studying in the United States. while Chinese international students traditionally came to pursue
graduate studies, as the Chinese middle class continues to grow, more and more families are now
sending their children at younger ages.


Beyond academic challenges, language barriers and cultural adjustments: there are the issues of social
isolation, depression and increased anxiety and difficulties in engaging in different ways of group
activities in America. Many of these young students chose to keep their difficulties and / or emotional
problems to themselves. The fear of stigma of failures, of losing face and family embarrassment, only
compounded their vulnerability to depression and preventing them from seeking help.


These social “stressors” are mounting as the students multiple needs are still unmet and unrecognized
by school counselors, educators, and the students themselves. Chinese Student Services Center is
committed to increase the awareness of these challenges thru advocacy, public education and direct
services. We, CSSC, aim to be an effective voice in articulating these unmet needs.


CSSC, in the helping traditions of the student aid organizations of generations past, is committed to do
its best in providing and promoting positive outcomes for these vulnerable student population.


Charles P. Wang